Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the frequently asked questions

Travel to Chenaud


NL-> Parijs met de Thalys, overstappen in Parijs en dan met de TGV richting Bordeaux. Je kunt uitstappen in Angoulême (50 km naar Chenaud) of Bordeaux (80 km naar Chenaud).

Je kunt de hele reis vanuit Nederland boeken.

Je kunt in zowel Angoulême als Bordeaux een auto huren.


Transavia vliegt in het seizoen dagelijks vanuit Rotterdam op Bergerac (80 km naar Chenaud)

KLM en EasyJet vliegt in het seizoen dagelijks vanuit Amsterdam op Bordeaux. (85 km naar Chenaud)

In beide locaties kun je auto’s huren.


De reistijd vanaf Utrecht is ongeveer 10-12 uur. Is sterk afhankelijk van de drukte rond Parijs. Je kunt ook Parijs vermijden door een westelijke route te kiezen richting Rouen – Le Mans – Tours.


Extras and special wishes

Drinking water quality

The drinking water is of excellent quality. And therefore excellent to drink. It’s just a bit calcareous. We have installed a large softening installation for this.

The swimming pool

We have more than a swimming pool. We have the river La Dronne in our backyard! The current is not particularly great. The water is clean, there are small trout in it. A true Eldorado for lovers of water fun.

Playing outside and (small) children

The site on the street side and on the south side is completely walled in, there is a ditch on the backyard side and the river runs further on. So keep that in mind.

On the property is a large bamboo forest; you can cut bamboo and build a raft or something. Please clean up the unused bamboo afterwards!

We have a swing, a table tennis table, badminton net with rackets and shuttles, we have a foot golf course (play golf but with feet and a football.

And of course we have the 6 holes and 9 T-boxes par 3 golf course.

App of Hunting Lodge Le Logis

A lot of information can also be found in the app that you can download for free in the App Store or Google Playstore. Click here for more info and the link to the download.

Outdoor fireplaces

Each house has its own outdoor fireplace. We get a lot of appreciation for this and questions about it; people want to know where such a fireplace can be bought.

Unfortunately that is no longer possible, but we have an address that makes them for us.

Furnishing of the houses

We krijgen ook vaak vragen over de gebruikte materialen in het huis.
Vera is ook binnenhuisarchitecte en ze kan, als je bij ons bent, alle vragen hierover beantwoorden.

Small children and babies

If you come with small children or babies, please call or email us with any special wishes, such as a baby or cot. We don’t promise to meet all your needs, but we promise to do our best.

Special wishes

Do you have special wishes? Please contact us by clicking the button below.

Do you have another question? Feel free to ask him via Contact